Moms: The Transmitters of Culture?

Moms are undeniably special. Whenever someone waxes eloquently about mothers, similar themes tend to surface: selflessness love, fierce protection, tenderness and affection. I’ve realized that, in addition to these qualities, moms are also transmitters of society’s culture and values. They are the great teachers who show children what is right, wrong, and important.

The book Hunt, Gather, Parent looks at families in other societies and compares them with our own. I was particularly inspired by the concept of acomodido which comes from the people of Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. It is an idea that combines awareness and responsibility resulting in a kid taking action even without being asked. Mayan moms train their kids at a young age to become acomodido so that as they get older less and less instructions need to be given from parent to child. An example from the book is a teenage girl who sees that her mom is tired from working and decides to take initiative by washing the dishes herself. It’s a concept that beautifully illustrates the connections and teamwork that exist between each person in a family.

I’m forever grateful for the many things I’ve learned from my mom. From practical things like cooking and how to make a bed to abstract lessons like how to serve others and handle hard situations with grace, she helped shape me into the person I am today. Although I can’t say that I was always acomodido as a kid, I feel like I am mastering the art as an adult. Thanks Mom and happy Mother’s Day.