Mar 4, 2022 • 4M

Consistency > Perfection

At least that's what I tell myself.

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Luke Moderwell
The songs we sing in our house.
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This week we’ve got a new original tune that we have been working through for the past few weeks. Here’s the story behind the song: a few weeks ago we went out to a cocktail bar with some friends and had a good time. The next night we decided to write some music and, for whatever reason, we both brought up our waitress from the night before.

Usually bartenders are upbeat and flashy but ours was the opposite: seemed down and even a bit awkward. She tried to make a joke that just didn’t land. It felt like maybe she was waiting for someone or something in her life to change. The chorus flowed naturally as we imagined a life that wasn’t what she expected. She had been shaken and poured but not without hope.

Some songs come easy and others take time - this was a bit of both. The chorus, feeling, and general structure was simple. The verses took more work. Mostly I’m proud of the way that wrote together on this tune. Cheers to more of that.

True to the Rough Cut brand name this recording has a lot going wrong: guitar out of tune, my harmonies are out, microphone placement (note: always put it closer to Anna!), and a baby crying are all part of this hot mess. But that’s the magic of the one-take approach. This is a real slice of our life. Music being jammed into the cracks of breakfast, meetings, and errands. Maybe if I’m lucky this afternoon I’ll catch Anna or one of the kids humming this tune.