Feb 25, 2022 • 5M

No Hard Feelings

Rough Cuts Vol. 1

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Luke Moderwell
The songs we sing in our house.
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Hello and welcome to something new! We’ve started Rough Cuts as a way to share more of the music that we love and also to nudge us towards recording more. Like it says on the tin, the songs you find here will be more “organic” in nature. Sure, they will be recorded in a studio (likely our kitchen), well rehearsed (maybe once?), with a band (of small children), and on top-class equipment (iphone). Don’t say we didn’t warn yah.

I’m a bit baffled on how I’ve been sleeping on the Avett Brothers music. As a huge proponent of both heartfelt harmonies and family bands, it’s shameful that they haven’t gotten more attention from me. But that changed this week.

No Hard Feelings is a song from their 2017 album True Sadness. It’s a heart-felt ballad about one of life’s great questions: will I be ready to die? I think there’s a lot to like about this song but the honesty and simplicity of the words shine through. Although, on a good day, I am confident about what will happen to me when I die, I’ve wrestled with this topic in the past. I hope you find something in it as well. Enjoy!

PS: We hope to add more little segments like Rough Cuts to the mix here on the newsletter. I am even nudging Anna to start writing something weekly. Stay tuned.